Josie Gibson’s 30-Second Slim Review

Josie Gibson's 30-Second Slim Review

If you are a big brother fan you will know who Josie Gibson is if not she had a lovable personality that captured the nation hearts on big brother 11 and went on to win the show. After the show Josie decided it was time to get into shape and lose the weight and she has done it with a roaring success dropping 5 dress sizes and 3 stones in weight and this is one of the main reasons I wanted to buy this DVD.

Josie dose 30-Second Slim with personal trainer James Stark who has put together a fitness DVD that initials high intense interval training (HIIT) which is medically proven to blast more fat away than regular exercise this type of exercise is very basic you work really hard for 30 seconds then have an active rest then you go again.

Josie says herself that this is the ‘lazy person’s way of exercising’ but with the result I may add as I found out when reading her story and when I put the DVD to the test I was losing weight within days and feeling much fitter.

The DVD is setup like this –

  • Warm Up: A 4 minutes easy warm up that will burn a few calories.
  • Main Fat busting Workout: Then a 12 minute workout with the intervals and an all over workout so get you into shape
  • Cool Down: 4 minutes of an easy cool down.

This is one that must go into your Fitness DVD collection as it simple works.


Josie Gibson’s 30-Second Slim
Reviewed by Let’s Chat Fitness on December 21 2012
Rating: 4